1st Thai Hockey Championship concludes in Thailand

Danish Yazdani

The 1st Thai Hockey Championship has just come to a close in Thailand. It was an under 18 tournament, both Men’s and Women’s teams participated, in the Indoor and Outdoor formats of play. The tournament took place at the Stadium of Glory. The results for the tournament are:

Outdoor – Men’s 

Winner – Sports School, Nakhon Nayok Province.

1st Runner Up – Rayong, Industrial Estate.

2nd Runner Up – School Team, Kasetsart University.

Outdoor – Women’s 

Winner – Sports School, Chonburi.

1st Runner Up – Nong Khae School.

2nd Runner Up – Sports School, Nakhon Nayok Province.

Indoor – Men’s 

Winner – The Rose Garden Team.

1st Runner Up – Sports School, Nakon Nayok Province.

2nd Runner Up – Rayong School Team.

Indoor – Women’s 

Winner – The Rose Garden Team. 

1st Runner Up – Sports School, Chonburi.

2nd Runner Up – Sports School, Nakhon Nayong Province.

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