The 2022 Men’s Asian Games Qualifier will be the qualification tournament for the men’s field hockey event at the 2022 Asian Games. It will be held from 6 to 15 May 2022 and the top six teams will qualify for the 2022 Asian Games.
9 nations are preparing to join the men’s hockey tournament, the qualifying round of the 19th Asian games. In this tournament, 6 teams will be selected to be one of the 12 final teams in the “Hangzhou Games” battle in China this September.

“Big Nat” Dato Seri Chaiyapak Siriwat, President of Thai Hockey and Vice President of Asian Hockey, revealed that Thailand has been honored by the Asian Hockey Federation assigned to host the Asian Games men’s hockey qualifiers to find 6 more countries to participate in the Asian Games “Hangzhou Games” in Hangzhou City People’s Democratic Republic of China between 10-25 Sep 22 . The 9 teams which are participating includes Thailand (host), Oman, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Indonesia.
Dato Seri Chaiyapak Siriwat revealed that for the selection of this Asian Games hockey, the federation has already determined the division of the groups, with Group A consisting of Oman, Thailand, Hong Kong, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, while Group B has Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Singapore. This will select 6 nations to compete in the final round, which now has 6 nations that have already qualified for the Asian Games, consisting of China (host), India, Japan, Pakistan, Malaysia and South Korea.
“In terms of the readiness of Thailand, now everything has been prepared. Proticols for the COVID-19 will be strictly followd by everyone. Athletes of all nations are required to have PCR or ATK testing throughout the competition in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 from athletes from all nine nations. As for the competition program, the first day will be May 6, at 2:00 PM where Uzbekistan meets Hong Kong and at 4:00 PM, Thailand will enter the field for the first match to meet Kazakhstan, “said President of Thai Hockey.


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