30th SEA Games – Day 1 Review

Juan Budes

Men’s SEA Games 2019: 

In the first match of the day, Thailand started with a comfortable victory against Myanmar by 4-1. The debutant team had many issues during the game, while the Thai men got benefited from multiple penalty scores that helped them secured the game and gather three points.

Meanwhile, Singapore beat the Philippines by 4-1 in a match where the host nation had difficulties to pass by their opponent in the field. The Singaporeans took complete control of the game the whole time ending with three valuable points with them.

Women’s SEA Games 2019:

Singapore put on a hard game for Cambodia, after finishing 3-3. After the Cambodian women opened the score, the Singaporeans started a series of goals that jeopardy the match for their opponent. Cambodia reacted quickly and put the match even by the 2nd half. Both teams got one point.

In the last game of the day, Malaysia went full speed against the Philippines, crushing them with a 15-0 victory. The difference of strength and experience was evident as the host nation was absolutely absent the whole match. With the goal unbeaten, the Malaysian girls secured three points and hold 1st place.

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