Gulf Hockey Fiesta Round Up

The start of March saw the Indian Women's Hockey Team participate in the final match of the South African tour.

29 March 2016

The start of March saw the Indian Women’s Hockey Team participate in the final match of the South African tour. The South African Tour which started on the 19th of February saw the Indian Women’s Hockey Team play along with some of the best Women’s hockey teams in the world.

Participating Teams
South Africa

The Indian Women’s Hockey Team started out well in the South African tour. Despite kicking off to a good start, the Indian team failed to put up an impressive match for its fans, near the end of the tour, as it suffered two consecutive losses to Germany. However, the team proved to it’s fans that it is indeed one of the top in it’s region as it came out victorious after a rebound in their final match of the tour, which was held against Scotland.
In the first quarter, both teams tried to score a goal so as to gain an edge in the match through an early goal. Eventually a goal was made. However, it was in favor of the Indian team as Rani was able to swoop the ball past the Scottish goalkeeper and scored a goal for her team.

The second quarter saw another goal scored by the Indian team as Kataria got hold of the ball and made a goal as Scotland’s goalkeeper failed to save the ball from making it to a goal.

The third quarter proved to be relatively slow and less happening as both teams were actively trying to score a goal while at the same time defending their competition from scoring one. Consequently, at the end of the third quarter, both teams failed to score a goal.

The fourth quarter saw Rani secure the third goal of the match and lead the Indian team towards a win, with a score of 3-0 against Scotland, concluding the tour on a happy note.

Poonam Rani and Vandana Kataria proved to be the saviors of the Indian team with Rani scoring two goals and Kataria scoring one goal which eventually led the Indians to a glorious win. On the whole, the tour proved to be successful for the Indian team as it got to play with good teams from different regions.

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