51st His Majesty Sultan’s Hockey Cup Oman



Assigned by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq and in the presence of Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth His Highness Sayyid Theyazin bin Haitham Al Said, the Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Saidi handed the Sohar team “His Majesty the Sultan Hockey Cup”. The final of the championship was held at the hockey stadium in the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher, in the presence of a number of Their Highnesses and Excellencies, fans of the game and fans of the two clubs.


For the first time, the precious cup came out From Muscat and Dhofar and heading to Al Batinah

The coronation came … after its victory over Al-Ahly Sidab in a beautiful meeting that brought the two teams together, which witnessed a lot of rivalry between the two teams throughout the four matches, amid popular support from the fans of the two teams. The original time of the match ended with the two teams tied with a goal for each of them. The professional player, Muhammad Ragab, crossed, and Ahli Sidab managed to adjust the result in the last quarter of the match through the player Ahmed Sabeel.

This coronation is the first for Sohar team, and for the first time to leave the cup outside the governorates of Muscat and Dhofar in the competitions of His Majesty’s Cup for hockey, to enter the golden record of the precious cup, after the good level that the team showed during the past few seasons, which nominated it to be one of the champions of the precious cup.

At the end of the match, the sponsor of the occasion, accompanied by Dr. Marwan bin Juma Al Juma, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oman Hockey Association, crowned the winners of the first places, where Sohar Club crowned the title of the competition in its 51st edition and won the competition cup, gold medals and a financial reward of 30 thousand Omani riyals. Ahli Sadab won second place, winning silver medals and a financial reward of 20,000 Omani riyals. As for Al-Nasr Club, which won the third place, it won bronze medals and a financial reward of 10,000 OMR.

The match started with control by the people of Sidab from the reality of experience and capabilities, as he seized the ball in the middle of the field with attempts to reach the Sohar goal, but the Sohar defense succeeded in stopping these attacks with unfinished attempts by the players of Sohar, and the most prominent opportunities came in favor of the people of Sidab before The end of the first half, six minutes, through the player Rashid Al-Fazari’s shot outside the field, while the most prominent opportunities came from Sohar two minutes before the end of the half, after the player Qassem Al-Shibli received the ball in the Ahli Sidab area, but the defense line moved it away, so that the first quarter of the match ended in a negative tie between the two teams.

In the second quarter of the match, the desire on the part of the two teams to score appeared after the quick movement of the players, as Ahli Sadab attacked with a shot outside the goal, and with frequent access to Sohar’s goal, Sohar players sought to take possession and try to enter the dangerous area, and this pressure from Sohar resulted in obtaining a penalty kick. Two minutes after the start of the half, after the player Samir Al-Shibli, captain of Sohar, was obstructed by Sidab’s goalkeeper, Ghassan Gharib, Al-Shibli went out for treatment after the injury he suffered, and his colleague Muhammad Rajab advanced to pay the penalty kick and was able to pay it successfully, announcing the first goal in favor of Sohar.

Sohar was not satisfied with the goal, as he launched a dangerous attack on Al-Sidab’s goal after a beautiful cross that crossed the goalkeeper that Sohar players did not take advantage of. It was the first in the match, and it played well towards the player Ammar Al-Shuaibi, who shot it outside the Sohar goal, and the sparring continued between the two teams after that, until the referee announced the end of the second quarter of the match.

With the third quarter of the match and the change of stadiums for both teams, the people of Sidab sought to modify the result through the attempts he made against Sohar, who succeeded in cracking those attacks, and the people of Sidab were the most accessible, but without any danger, as the most prominent opportunity came with a shot by the player Khaled Al-Shuaibi in the Sohar region And in front of the goal, he did not succeed in putting it in Sohar’s goal, so the third quarter ended with Sohar’s lead by one goal in return.

In the last quarter, Ahli Sidab managed to adjust the result two minutes after the start of the half, and one of the first attacks of Ahli Sidab in front of the Sohar goal was a shot from Ahmed Sabeel, who received a ball that turned it directly into the Sohar goal. Another penalty corner, Ahli Sidab’s defense succeeded in removing it, after which the referee of the match returned to the mouse to calculate a mistake that occurred in the area of ​​​​Ahli Sidab and calculate a fourth penalty corner that was not used appropriately, and after that, Ahli Sidab formed some danger, but these attempts did not succeed, so that the referee announced the end of the match with a tie for the two teams and resorting to Penalty shootout.


Penalty Shootout

The first penalty kick came in favor of Sohar through Ashraf Saeed, who managed to score and hit the first kick for Ahli Sidab. The player Khaled Al-Shuaibi did not score after a shot outside the goal. Qasim Al-Shibli scored the second kick for Sohar. Player Ashraf Al-Nasiri was unable to score. From the scoring after the match referee announced a direct throw by the player Ammar Al-Shuaibi, the goalkeeper successfully saved it, and then Sohar player Mohammed Rajab missed the penalty kick, and the people of Sadab returned to wasting the opportunity to score After the player Mohan lost the ball in the post and the Sohar player did not take advantage of the opportunity available to him after Osama Al-Shibli lost the ball and then Ahli Sadab succeeded in scoring through the player Rushd Al-Fazari. Amjad Al-Hasani, from confronting the last ball of Ahli Sidab, which was shot by the player Ali Al-Zadjali, and declares Sohar the winner of the precious cup.


Final Umpires

The final match was officiated by the international umpire Saleh Ali Al Balushi, the international umpire Khamis Talib Al Balushi, the international umpire Ibrahim Khater Al Nofali, third as a reserve, and the international umpire, Khalil Abdul Majeed Al Balushi, as a umpire for (the mouse).

While the stadium judges are Faisal Habib Al Balushi, the competition director, Awad bin Saeed Awad, the competition supervisor, and Shuber bin Abdul Rahim Al Ajmi, the match judge.


Best players

The conclusion of the tournament witnessed the crowning of the most prominent players participating in His Majesty’s Cup; Where the player Razwan Ali won the tournament’s top scorer, while the player Fahd Al-Nawfali won the award for the best goalkeeper from Al-Nasr Club, and the award for the best player in the competition was awarded to the player Osama Al-Shibli from Sohar club.


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