63rd National Classification Tournament, Korea – Tournament Report


The Korea Hockey Association successfully concluded the 63rd National Classification Tournament. There were 41 participating teams and the tournament was held for 6 days from July 17th to July 22nd in Donghae city, Gangwon Province.

For the third time in Korea after the spread of COVID-19,  the tournament was played behind closed doors and the access to the stadium was strictly restricted except for athletes, leaders and officials.

In order to prevent COVID-19, it was safely completed in compliance with hygiene regulations, such as checking heat, using hand sanitizers and making it mandatory to wear masks and keep distance from the stadium.

In this tournament, each category’s performance was as follows.

*Middle School

-Men’s: 1st Sangoknam Middle School 2nd Changsung Middle School 3rd Sungil Middle School

-Women’s: 1st Maewon Middle School 2nd Sungju Women’s Middle School 3rd Onyang-Hanol Middle School

*High School

-Men’s: 1st Imae High School 2nd Sungil High School 3rd Asan High School, Gyesan High School

-Women’s: 1st SungJu Women’s High School 2nd: TaeJang High School 3rd: Gimhae/Songgok Women’s High School


-Men’s: 1st Chosun University 2nd Jeju International University 3rd Korea National Sport University, Soon Chun Hyang University

-Women’:s 1st Korea National Sport University 2nd KyungHee University 3rd Jeju International University, InJe University


– Men’s: 1st Incheon Sports Council 2nd Seongnam City

-Women’s: 1st Mokpo City 2nd Asan City 3rd Pyeongtaek City, Incheon Sports Council

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