A big gain from the Netherlands for the Malaysian Tigress

"They need some time to adapt to the situation" Muhammad Dharma Raj Abdullah

20 April

The Malaysian Junior Women’s team stride along their tour in the Netherlands and show a good performance despite the harsh cold.  The second match at the European tour in Amsterdam Holland was against MOP Vught. It was held yesterday and saw the squad coached by Muhammad Dharma Raj Abdullah. Eventually, the Malaysian team faced a 0-2 defeat that adds to their second consecutive defeat in Amsterdam.

Dharma Raj believes that the two games in Amsterdam were all high quality matches and he was not disappointed with the defeat “The team is a team of division MOP Hofferklasse where in the Netherlands it is the highest division. Teams that are in this division can be placed on a par with the national team. We’ve enough quality matches and the team is pretty cool. It is not easy for us to enter the opponent’s goal, they do not give us the opportunity to try to enter their goal area.

“However, we had two good chances to score goals and Nur Hanis Nadiah Onn Zafirah Aziz, however dull finish and agility goalkeeper deny us the opportunity to generate network,” he explained. Dharma also added that the weather is too cold also affect the players and they need time to adapt to the circumstances. “Playing at 7 pm (Amsterdam time) is not an easy task because the situation has become too cold. “The players are experiencing numbness in the hands and it was a little affect their movement, especially when hitting the ball. They need some time to adapt to the situation, “he added. The third match in Amsterdam will be forwarded to the HIC Club will await the Malaysian squad Tigress.

Picture Source: Malaysian Hockey Federation

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