A Hard-Fought Bronze for Korea Against China in Men’s Hockey – Asian Games Hangzhou 2022


In a pulsating clash for the Bronze medal at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, Korea carved out a narrow but enthralling 2-1 victory over a tenacious China in the Men’s Hockey Competition. The game flowed with energy, spirit, and tactical nous from both teams, ensuring a thrilling spectacle for the fans at the arena and those tuned in from afar.

China made an assertive start with Gao Jiesheng expertly converting a penalty corner in the 8th minute, sending a clear message of intent to the Korean side. The elation of the lead, however, was short-lived. Within a minute, Park Cheoleon of Korea pierced through the Chinese defense, striking a field goal that restored parity on the scoreboard.

A tactical battle unfolded as both teams wrestled for control and momentum. The remaining quarters saw opportunities for both sides, with the goalkeepers and defense doing commendable work in neutralizing the attacking threats.

Despite being level for most of the match, neither team was willing to settle for a draw. Both Korea and China engineered several forays into the attacking third, trying to exploit gaps and create goal-scoring opportunities. However, firm defensive structures and a few near misses ensured the scores remained locked at 1-1 as the minutes ticked away.

With the clock winding down and the prospect of a shootout looming, Korea won a crucial penalty corner in the 59th minute. Stepping up under pressure, Jang Jonghyun masterfully dispatched the ball into the net, giving Korea a decisive 2-1 lead in the dying moments of the match.

China, with hearts and spirits undeterred, launched a final flurry of attacks in a bid to salvage the game. But the Korean defense held firm, ensuring the 2-1 scoreline remained unaltered as the final whistle blew.

The match was visibly intense and closely contested. China, with a significant advantage in penalty corners (8 to Korea’s 1), will rue missed opportunities, while Korea will celebrate clinical finishing in key moments.

Coached by Shin Seok Kyo, Korea displayed tactical acumen and commendable spirit. Goalkeeper Kim Jaehyeon, alongside outfield players like Lee Nam Yong (C), Jung Manjae, and Kim Sunghyun, showcased their defensive resilience, while Park Cheoleon and Jang Jonghyun emerged as attacking heroes.

On the other side, coach Weng Haiqin and China displayed no shortage of skill and strategy. Players like Chen Qijun, Liu Junjie, and captain Lin Changliang exhibited stellar play, with Gao Jiesheng being the lone goal-scorer for the team.

While Korea revels in the triumph, securing the Bronze medal with skill, strategy, and a dash of drama, China will reflect on a gallant effort that narrowly missed securing a podium finish. Both teams exhibited incredible sport spirit and provided fans with a memorable match that will be talked about for years to come.

Congratulations to Korea on clinching the Bronze medal, and commendations to China for exhibiting an enthralling performance in the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Men’s Hockey

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