A Head To Head Game Till The End

Juan Budes

Pakistan began the match in control of the ball and, thanks to a penalty-corner in the minute 5h, Mubashar Ali scored the first goal of the match. The Dutch reacted quickly and started to press their opponent but the Green Shirts defence held strong, with the Pakistanis avoiding two new penalty-corners from the Netherlands. During the second quarter, the host nation counter-attacked and in a well-played penalty-stroke, Mink van der Weerden made the team’s first goal. A minute later, i an field goal move, Bjorn Kellerman , smashed a stunning backhand effort across the face of goal and just inside the right post, putting themselves ahead, 2-1. Pakistan reacted and after a failed penalty-corner, another opportunity is given. And this time, in an excellent managed routine by Ali Ghazanfar, the Green Shirts succeeded and levelled the score 2-2.

The 2nd half found the Netherlands attacking and entering the opponent circle, but failed to get the ball inside the Pakistan goal. In the minute 38th, Pakistan got a new penalty-corner, and this time Muhammad Rizwan scored it, putting themselves ahead 3-1. Ten minutes to go and the Dutch are camped in the opponent’s territory but couldn’t find a break-through. And in s very synced moved, Robbert Kemperman fired the ball into the empty net from close range, putting the match even. But soon after a new penalty-corner for Pakistan gave them a new goal, taking the lead. Within seconds to the end, and in an incredible penalty-corner drag-flick inside the left post, the match finished sealing a 4-4 draw that will see its conclusion in tomorrow’s game.

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