A Hockey Way of Life – The story of Oman’s Abdul Rahman


Hailing from Muscat, Oman, Abdul Rehman’s hockey career began when he first picked up a hockey stick in 1958. Hockey was a popular sport in Oman at this time and, through events such as the domestic club league, the Sultan Cup, and school tournaments, Abdul had ample opportunity to play the sport he loved.  His parents were both hockey players and so encouraged their son to take part in as much hockey training and competitive games as possible. He was also lucky enough to meet several Indian and Pakistan hockey players who were visiting Oman and these encounters served to both help him develop his skills and knowledge of the game as well as inspired a lifelong love of the sport. Eventually, his dedication to training and skill development meant he was selected for the Oman national team.

Over the years, Abdul transitioned from player to umpire and eventually coach. Over his long coaching career, thousands of young Oman players have benefited from his knowledge and passion for the game. He added a new skill to his repertoire when, in 2001, the Oman Hockey Federation selected him to be manager of the Oman National Team.

The Rehman hockey dynasty continues with Abdul’s sons. All four sons are hockey players, with Khalid al Raisi an assistant coach of the Oman national team, and Marwan al Raisi is a member of the Oman national team. For the future, Abdul Rehman plans on establishing a hockey training academy or school where young players will be trained free of cost in Oman.

Tayyab Ikram, chief executive of the Asia Hockey Federation says: “During his career, Abdul Rahman has wholeheartedly given himself to volunteer and charity work. He has distributed hockey sticks free of cost to the young players on multiple occasions. He also trains young players in hockey completely free of charge!”


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