A look back at the 1st AHF Central Asia Cup 2019


The 1st AHF Central Asia Cup 2019 took place in Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan and was a major success through and through. Here’s a quick overview of what went on in the final day of the tournament:

After a series of matches using the round-robin competition format, in which the contestant that wins the most games and gathers more points finishes in 1st place, the last two matches of the event took place and a champion was crowned.

Kazakhstan finished on-top with a safe 1-0 victory against Uzbekistan, securing three points and winning the tournament with a total of nine points. Uzbekistan, tried to overcome its opponent but failed and ended in the 3rd place with four points.

Meanwhile, Oman had an amazing series of goals showing its superiority defeating Tajikistan 11-0, finishing in 2nd and 4th place respectively.

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