Afghanistan Hockey Federation makes trip to Panjshir Province

Danish Yazdani

The North Zone saw the opening of the agency and the selected hockey team of Panjshir province.

The official trip of the leadership of the Afghanistan Hockey Federation to Panjshir province to create a representative of Panjshir province.

During the journey of the President of the Afghan Hockey Federation, respected Syed Mustafa Sadat discussed the future and programs of the future of the Federation along with the Deputy President of Panjshir Province, the Sports Minister of Panjshir province and the Elected Representative of the Panjshir province, and the distribution of sports items from the Federation of Hockey to advance the training of the selected hockey team of Panjshir Province, wanted to cooperate with the position of Panjshir province and the respected sports of this province to play hockey in the north zone of the country.

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