Afghanistan reactivates Hockey with a Massive Indoor Hockey Tournament held in March in Kabul


Afghanistan Hockey took a big propitious step to reactivate hockey in Afghanistan. Afghanistan Hockey conducted a big indoor hockey tournament in March 2022 which was warmly welcomed at national level in Afghanistan. Afghanistan National Olympic Committee played a key role in the successful delivery of the tournament. Young athletes from many big cities of Afghanistan participated in the event.

Under the supervision of Afghanistan National Olympic Committee, the Afghanistan Hockey Federation organized this Indoor Hockey Tournament. This peace and development activity was taken part by five cities of Afghanistan namely Kabul, Khost, Herat, Bamyan and Paktia. Khost won the tournament.

The Asian Hockey Federation welcomed and appreciated this initiative as a peace and hockey development in Afghanistan. The event contributed as a major development and a big leap forward. The Afghanistan National Olympic Committee and the Sports Ministry of Afghanistan welcomed and celebrated the indoor hockey event as a symbol of regional peace and integrity for the Afghan people.

The National Olympic Committee and Sports Ministry of Afghanistan will conduct more hockey events in the near future. The sports governing bodies of Afghanistan are very positive that hockey will contribute to the regional development and peace in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan Hockey is willing to introduce exclusive features for youth and women in their hockey. Afghanistan Hockey states that the hockey will shape a good future for the youth and play a key role in the providing the youth with a bright future.

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