AHF Chief Excutive Dato Tayyab Ikram meets PHF’s Secretary General Mr. Asif Bajwa


12 June 2019, Lahore: The meeting between Dato Tayyab Ikram and PHF’s Secretary General was productive and positive. The agenda of meeting was to get Pakistan Hockey back on track and take all measures necessary to help work in favor for hockey with in Pakistan.

The key agendas discussed majorly focused on the development and growth of hockey and factors the contribute to achieve these targets.

This involved the focus of PHF should be on the National team of Pakistan and maintain a standard of utmost professionalism throughout. Dato Tayyab, explained “Pakistan is a major stakeholder in the world of Hockey for both Asia Hockey and International Hockey and it is important for Pakistan to establish itself as an important force as it once recognized”.

It has been more than a few years since international hockey was played in Pakistan, with no major competitive tournaments held. Mr. Asif Bajwa expressed “The people of Pakistan deserve to see their players perform in front of the home crowd, it will motivate the players and as well an opportunity for the crowd to get behind their local heroes. The AHF and PHF will work closely together in this regard to help bring Hockey in Pakistan.

With the help of the AHF, PHF would like to establish a PHF-AHF Academy in Pakistan in the coming years, that would provide structured educational programmes. This would prove to be a great step forward in building infrastructure, developing hockey and taking hockey onwards.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be developed and signed between the two parties that would help set a path and define necessary steps to achieve the end goal, which is to help grow and develop Hockey in Pakistan.

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