AHF Development & Engagement Committee Meeting, Jakarta 2018


The AHF recently conducted its development and engagement committee meeting in Jakarta that was attended by the Board of Directors under the Chairmanship of Mr. Yokoyama Hide, with the aim to further enhance the impact and reach of hockey developmental activities within Asia. The meeting was initiated by the opening remarks from Mr. Chairman himself, who expressed absolute delight to be leading a component of the Asian Hockey Federation that serves as its backbone.

On the occasion Mr. Yokoyama Hide had the following to say, “I am delighted to be sitting in a room with highly passionate and intelligent individuals who will help greatly in taking hockey to the next level”. My aim is to use my knowledge and understanding coupled with my team’s passion and drive to take our initiatives to every corner of Asia”.

The meeting encapsulated within It a wide range of topics. It included a flashback to the journey of the Development and Engagement initiatives recently, ranging from Coaching, Umpiring Courses to the FIH-AHF Goalkeeper courses, a first ever of its kind.

The meeting also had a high focus on the Raja Ashman Shah Hockey Academy, where a number of Level 2 and Level 3 coaching and umpiring courses were held, which were greatly appreciated by the Board. This was complimented by a Umpire Manager Seminar held as well to further establish a two way communication to even better the experiences of the umpires under training.

Another thing that was much appreciated about the Hockey Academy was its reach, as it is now being conducted all over Asia. The Coaching and Umpiring courses recently conducted in Myanmar were also done under the umbrella of the Raja Ashman Shah Academy. The general consensus was to further spread the good work that was being done in this regard.

Mr. Ghulam Ghous, an individual central to the delivery and execution of the Development & Engagement past objectives seemed very excited about the direction the Committee was taking for the future. He said, “It is heartening to see more and more courses being introduced every year. I am also very happy to see the response that we receive from different National Associations across Asia, whether it is for equipment support, any form of courses at any form of level. With the formation of this committee, its enthusiasm and under the key guidance and expertise trickling down from Mr. Yokoyama Hide, I have no doubts that we will not just meet out targets, but exceed them”.

What was also brought to light, under the chairmanship of Mr. Yokoyama Hide, was the different support programs that were carried out across Asia. The 31 countries where such programs had presence of some form were discussed with much interest and excitement, and a healthy discussion was conducted to take this to the next level in the future, such as the Afghanistan Equipment Support Program, DPR Umpiring Courses. Qatar Level 1 & 2 Umpiring Courses and others.

The Board of Directors were also briefed upon the Olympic Day Celebrations carried out by 25 countries, which were conducted by more than 200 National Olympic Committees. There was also light that was shed on the FIH-AHF TAP Project, the AHF Pitch Development Project as well as the High-Performance Assistance Training.

The Meeting also included within it the plan for the 2018-2019 cycle. There were much appreciation and excitement for that future plans, both in terms of numbers and stature. The participants also greatly admired and acknowledged Mr. Hide’s contribution and untiring commitment to the Development and Engagement, and fully planned to make use of his expertise and leadership skills to move the Asian Hockey Development and Engagement Initiative into a new era for hockey.


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