AHF EB Moves Forward with the Formation of Women’s Advisory Panel to Promote Women Leadership in Asia


Mungyeong Korea, 22 March 2023: The Asian Hockey Federation held its Executive Board Meeting at the STX Resort Mungyeong City Korea. The meeting was attended by all the Executive Board members of the Asian Hockey Federation, and it was presided over by the President Asian Hockey Federation Dato Fumio Ogura. FIH President Dato Tayyab Ikram was invited as the guest of honour for the meeting, he made a special appearance and was congratulated by the AHF EB for his successful election as the President of International Hockey Federation (FIH). President Korea Hockey Association Mr Lee Sang Hyun made a special appearance as the host of the AHF Congress Mungyeong 2023. President AHF, President FIH and President Korea Hockey delivered their opening and welcoming remarks to the meeting attendants.

Special Progress Report for the term 2019-2022 was presented to the AHF Executive Board. Which included a brief yet thorough highlight of all the prominent development activities conducted, the events completed during the last year, AHF Communication Report, AHF Finance Report and the AHF Education Report.

As per the development report presented by Mr Ghous, 94+ development projects had been completed along with the 9K+ participating in the educational activities, the 4 pitch projects, Equipment Support Projects for 20+ NAs, 56 activities held by Raja Ashman Shah Hockey Academy, 13 IOC OS Grants, 7 Sultan Azlan Shah Projects and 7 Yokoyamam Hide Development Projects. All the development activities were briefly narrated to the Executive Board. The commercial report described what was done for the AHF Prestigious Partners during the last 4 years. The AHF Finance Report was presented by the President AHF Dato Fumio Ogura, along with the budget for the next year which was approved by the AHF Executive Board unanimously. Other proceedings included the legal matters for the approval of the Executive Board.


The new initiative that was taken was the formation of the AHF Women Advisory Panel. The objective was to highlight and promote the women leadership among the Executive Board as well as the rank and file of the Asian Hockey Federation. The Women Advisory Panel structure was presented to the Executive Board for their approval.

Other major proceedings of the meeting included new appointments for the approval of the Executive Board to be presented to the AHF Congress for their further approval.

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