AHF Family Joins Hand to Pay Tribute to Father of Hockey Sultan Azlan Shah


Today marks the 6th Anniversary of Sultan Azlan Shah – the Father of hockey in Malaysia. Sultan Azlan Shah passed away in the Malaysian city of Ipoh at the age of 86. The Asian Hockey Federation would like to take some time today to remember this esteemed personality on the 6th Anniversary of his passing.

The Asian Hockey Family pledge once again to follow the foot steps of their great leader the late Sultan Azlan Shah on his 6th Anniversary after he left us.
The AHF vows on his anniversary to carry forward with great effect the Sultan Azlan Shah Initiatives with great pride, effort and ambition.
These include the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, Sultan Azlan Shah Development Support Award and the Raja Ashman Shah Academy.

Azlan Shah was the 34th ruler of the state of Perak and was a die-hard hockey lover. He started playing hockey during his school days and was also a former president of Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC). Sultan Azlan Shah was a force to be reckoned with on the field, feared by his opponents for his agility and his dribbling skills during his playing days as the center forward for the Perak Malays and Perak State teams.

We remember Sultan Azlan Shah dearly. He will forever live in the minds and hearts of those lucky enough to know him, and for those that did not, through the gift of hockey he so generously endowed upon the people.

“We dedicate today to the loving memory of Sultan Azlan Shah, our dedicated and steadfast leader. As he wished in his life, in his memory we will spread the gift of hockey to the world.”, said Asian Hockey Federation President, Dato Fumio Ogura.

“Sultan Azlan Shah is gone but never forgotten. The Asian Hockey Federation strives to uphold and carry forward the legacy of the great HRH Sultan Azlan Shah. In his loving memory, we have pledged to continue with unrelenting dedication in the delivery of the Sultan Azlan Shah Initiatives and forever follow his foot prints to grow and support hockey. “, said Asian Hockey Federation Chief Executive Dato Tayyab Ikram.

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