AHF-FIH Academy Level 2 Online Coaching Course 2-4 June, 2020 – Final Day


Today marked the third and final day of the AHF/FIH Academy Level 2 Coaching Course, 2-4 June, 2020. The day began with a review of Day 2. Each group was given an analysis task to present, followed by a 10-minute discussion and feedback. The course continued with a workshop on basic match observations and analysis.

Later on, a workshop was set up on the topic of Set Plays, videos were used for better understanding. The technical aspect of the course was complete, so all the Educators wrapped up the course and gave a brief conclusion and explained the next steps.

Lastly there was a Q&A held by Dato Tayyab Ikram, CEO of Asian Hockey Federation. It was another successful day, with all participants showing their willingness to learn and their interest for the game of Hockey.

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