AHF-FIH Academy Level 2 Online Coaching Course 2-4 June, 2020 – Day 2


Day 2 of the AHF/FIH Academy level 2 online coaching course was a success. Firstly, a short review of day 1 took place, afterwards, the FIH instructors and senior coaches held a session based on 4 module principles. Topics such as Defending, attacking, and transition were discussed, additionally, an analysis on possession was conducted by Coach Tahir Zaman while Coach Lim talked about non-possession.

Later on in the day, a whole group discussion was held, with coaches answering any questions asked from the participants. This was followed by a presentation on principles of fitness and training by Ali Ghazanfar. The day continued with Zahid Ali talking about goalkeeping basics.

Lastly participants were divided into small groups for discussion, they were assigned with tasks to complete, giving them an opportunity to show what they have learned. We are looking forward to Day 3 of the course.

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