AHF October 2020 Online Workshops Calendar


After the successful completion of the AHF Online Education Workshops for Asian & African countries in May, June, July, August and September 2020, the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) will continue to conduct Online Education Workshops during the month of October.

Aimed at providing technical expertise and knowledge on various aspects of professional hockey, these online education workshops will be conducted free of cost for participating candidates online through Microsoft Teams application. Each workshop will consist of a three to four hours’ sessions.

On the state of the Online learning initiative, Asian Hockey Federation President Dato Fumio Ogura had this to say: “The AHF Online Engagement & Education Workshops are building up to be a vital part of our Development wing. We have successfully laid the foundations for a new method of keeping the Coaches, Umpires, and Technical Officials engaged. This initiative is on the right track, and we can only see it growing in future months.”

Meanwhile, Dato Tayyab Ikram, Chief Executive, Asian Hockey Federation and Chairman FIH Development and Education Committee also commented on the occasion, “We are very keen to continue to contribute to the growth of the Coaches and Technical Officials in Asia & Africa through the AHF Online engagement & Education Workshops in October. We have received a fantastic response from all the candidates in the last few months and they have participated actively and benefitted from the high-performance and technical input with great interest.”

At the end of the AHF online education workshops, participating candidates will receive a participation certificate that will help them in the future FIH & AHF Course Selection.

Please find below details on the AHF Online Education Workshops being conducted by AHF in the month of October:

  • AHF COACHING Course: Set plays, Shoot outs & Penalty strokes – 6 October
  • AHF- Hockey India COACHING Workshop: Set Plays, Free Hits Attacking & Defending Dynamics or Shootouts – 8 October
  • AHF COACHING Workshop: Set Plays, Free Hits, Shootouts Attacking & Defending Dynamics – 10 October
  • AHF- Indonesia Umpiring Course – 10-11-12 October
  • AHF TO Workshop: Pre- tournaments checks and preparation – 12 October
  • AHF- Hockey India Coaching Workshop: Indoor Hockey Coaching – 13 October
  • AHF TO Workshop: What makes a good technical official? – 14 October
  • AHF- Hockey India Umpiring Workshop: Indoor umpiring – 16 October
  • AHF TO/Admin, Workshop Club Development Management – 17 October
  • AHF TO Workshop What makes a good Technical Official? – 22 October
  • AHF – IRAN Basic Umpiring – 30-31 October


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