AHF Online Engagement Activities – January 2021


After the successful completion of Online Education Workshops and Courses this past year, the Asian Hockey Federation is now offering 14 Online Education Workshops in the month of January 2021 for Asian countries.

Aimed at providing technical expertise and knowledge on various aspects of power and strength training and method of video analysis for Coaches, communication for Umpires and officiating for Technical Officials, these online education workshops will be conducted free of cost, consisting of a three to four hours’ sessions each.

In addition to the regular affair, this month the Asian Hockey Federation is continuing exclusive workshops for Hockey India and is conducting workshops in collaboration with Sultan Azlan Shah Award and Raja Ashman Shah Academy.

Please find below details on the six AHF Online Education Workshops being conducted for hockey-playing nations in Asia by AHF during the course of this month:

AHF Coaching Workshops:

1. AHF Coaching Workshop: Power and Strength Training – Value and Process
(Reaction Time)
Date: 9 January 2021

2. AHF-CAS Coaching Workshop: Indoor Hockey, Possession and Non-possession Play

Date: 13 January 2021

3. AHF Coaching Workshop: Different Pressing’s Dynamics
Date: 17 January 2021

4. AHF, RAS Academy & SAS Award – Coaching Workshop: Turn Overs – Attacking and
Defending Dynamics
Date: 19 January 2021

Technical Officiating Workshops:

5. AHF Technical Officials’ Workshop: Roles and Responsibilities
Date: 15 January 2021

6. AHF Technical Officials’ Workshop: Rules and Regulations
Date: 24 January 2021

Umpiring Workshops:

7. AHF, RAS Academy & SAS Award – Umpiring Workshop: FIH Umpires’ Briefing
Date: 23 January 2021

The Asian Hockey Federation is also working closely with their National Associations and is continuing to offer exclusive workshops as per the requirement of the NAs. Please find below details on the AHF Online Education Workshops being conducted exclusively for National Associations during the month of January:

1. AHF-HI Umpiring Workshop: Emotional Performance Factors
Date: 04 January 2021

2. AHF-HI Umpiring Workshop: Communication
Date: 09 January 2021

3. AHF-HI Technical Officials’ Workshop: What would you do? Case Studies for TOs
Date: 09 January 2021

4. AHF-HI Technical Officials’ Workshop: Meet the Masters
Date: 10 January 2021

5. AHF-HI Coaching Workshop: Method of Video and Game Analysis
Date: 10 January 2021

6. AHF-HI Coaching Workshop: Power and Strength Training (Reaction Time)
Date: 16 January 2021

7. AHF-HI Coaching Workshop: Leadership Role and its Importance
Date: 31 January 2021

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