AHF Online Technical Official Workshop – Roles & Responsibilities – 19 June, 2020


The second online workshop for technical officials took place today, the topic of the session was “Roles and Responsibilities”. The workshop was presented by AHF Event and Sport director, Elisabeth Furest.

The day kicked off with a session on the different roles of tournament officials and what their tasks and responsibilities are, after that, the focus was on “what makes a good technical official”, the discussion was about how technical officials can improve their knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes to succeed in their field.

Furthermore, the participants were then explained different scenarios that could occur in tournaments, and how to tackle each situation, examples include weather conditions, injuries. Every scenario was linked to the relevant sections of the rules and regulations and other guidelines and policies.

The diverse group of participants from Asia and Africa were actively answering questions, discussing and giving examples of different concepts throughout the session, which lasted over 4 hours. Overall it was another successful workshop hosted by AHF.

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