AHF Pandemic Survey Results


In June and July 2020, the Asian Hockey Federation conducted a survey amongst its Member NAs to determine the current state of hockey and find out the impact of COVID-19 on NAs and the challenges faced by the NAs as well as how soon can they recover from the pandemic.

It’s secondary objective was to assess and confirm needs and progress the planning for development and support activities such as equipment deliveries, educational activities etc.

In addition to questions on permitted training and competition activity of senior and junior national teams and national (league) competition(s), the survey included questions on state of emergency, travel restrictions and event hosting in order to establish a more complete understanding of the conditions and complications faced by Member NAs.

26 of 31 AHF Member NAs participated in the survey.

8 of 10 Potential AHF Members participated in the survey.

Here are it’s results:

AHF Pandemic Survey Report

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