AHF pays tribute to late Former Secretary General Kenya Hockey Union, Davinder Singh Bharij


The Asian Hockey Federation is saddened at another loss of a Hockey Family Member, Mr. Davinder Singh Bharij, former General Secretary of the Kenya Hockey Union left us for a better place earlier this week.

He left behind a legacy, which will act as a guiding light to future generations of hockey enthusiasts in Kenya, and also across the world.

Undeniably Mr. Davinder will be remembered not only as a key member of Kenya Hockey Union, but also for his immense contributions and love for the game of hockey on the pitch and beyond.

“We mourn now the loss of a beloved friend, an avid hockey enthusiast, and very active hockey community administrator, Mr. Davinder Singh Bharij. Indeed, he will be remembered by generations to come.”, said Seif Ahmed, President of the African Hockey Federation.

“It is with a heavy heart that I received this news of the loss of a dear colleague and friend. My heart goes out to the family of the deceased, and I pray that they find solace in these most troubling of times.”, remarked Asian Hockey Federation Chief Executive, Dato Tayyab Ikram.

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