Welcome to our new home!

Welcome to the Asian Hockey Federation!

22 Dec 2016

The Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) is pleased to present the launch of its new website www.asiahockey.org after a complete overhaul of design and content.

The project of the launch of a new website was undertaken to increase the user-friendliness and visual appeal of the AHF’s web presence and to incorporate the AHF’s new visual identity which includes a new corporate logo and fresh, contemporary and dynamic look with a strong signature color.

Apart from an entirely new look, the new design of the website places greater emphasis on photo and video content and the integration with social media, facilitating sharing and interacting with content.

The launch of a new web presence is an integral part of the AHF’s plans to enhance its efforts in communications and the promotion of the sport and to provide a platform for Asia’s hockey community to get information, be entertained and follow hockey activities and developments around the continent and the world.

AHF President HRH Prince Abdullah Ahmad Shah said, “I am very pleased with the new look and website which we are presenting to the global hockey fans, our athletes, friends and fans today. The new AHF look and website are vital steps forward in the AHF’s endeavors to promote our beloved sport, to serve and support the Asian hockey family, and to contribute to the goals of the FIH’s global Hockey Revolution strategy.”

FIH President Dr. Narinder Dhruv Batra said, “The new AHF corporate look and website are excellent examples of how our sport is moving forward, becoming more professional and more fan-focused, and it is a great instance of one of our Continental Federations embracing the ideas and values of the FIH’s hugely successful Hockey Revolution strategy.”

“Modernizing our visual identity and the AHF website was long due and has been a key priority in our efforts this year,” said AHF CEO Dato’ Tayyab Ikram, “I look forward to seeing how the improved presentation is received across the range of our stakeholders, but I am confident that the new, more professional and memorable look and the improved website offer will be viewed positively, and especially, that our stakeholders will find that the new online presence allows us to serve them better and provide the information and support required. I also would like to express my appreciation for the hard work and long hours the AHF staff has put into these two projects over the last 12 months.”

Today’s launch of the new AHF website presents a fully functional site with all key content readily available, but constitutes only the first phase of the overhaul of the AHF’s web offer. A second phase, planned to go live within the first half of 2017, will see additional contents and functionality made available which will further enhance the www.asiahockey.org experience.

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