AHF Technical Officials Workshop – Communication and Working with Teams

June 26, 2020

In the last round of workshops for Technical Officials in the month of June, AHF hosted the first of two workshops on the topic of “Communication and Working with Teams” today. The workshops are being presented by AHF Event and Sport Director Elisabeth Fuerst, who is also an experienced Technical Official.

The workshop, which was well attended once more by technical officials from across Asia and several African countries, examined the different elements of communication, including verbal and non-verbal elements, looked into how to communicate effectively and discussed best practices for working with teams in a tournament.

The session also incorporated a video lesson which included scientific research and examples for effective communication as a sports official, and in particular, a hockey official, investigating aspects such as how parameters like voice tone and pace affect the effectiveness of a message and presenting the cornerstones of a performance model for officials to excel.

An additional section of the workshop also explained the basics of conflict management and conflict resolution and includede some role play scenarios for candidates to try out the theoretical topics that had been convered in situations that often occur in events. The participants were active and engaged with questions, examples and anecdotes throughout the approximately 3,5 hour session, making it yet another successful educational offer of the AHF.

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