AHF Technical Officials Workshop – Using the FIH TMS has concluded successfully.


The AHF Technical Officials Workshop “Using the FIH TMS” concluded today successfully, moments ago. The workshop was conducted by Elisabeth Fuerst, and was sponsored by Ouken.

The workshop saw participants from Pakistan, Iran, India, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Egypt and South Africa take part in the workshop. The full list of atendees is:

Khaled Elmasry

Ahmed Youssef

Mohamed Hegazy

Carren Koloni

Josie Milella

Gavin Costas

Ms. Ranjana

Mr. Charat Singh

Mr. Joshan George

Mr. Hardik Bhonsle

Mr. Rakesh Athankar

Mr. Balwinder Singh

Asghar Ghadimi Khozani

Fahad Ali Kayani

Shaheena Yaqoob Noon

Kerry Fitzhenry


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