AHF to hold 2020-2021 Planning Review


The Asian Hockey Federation is going to hold a planning meeting to review the status of Events Calendar and all other activities impacted by COVID-19.

Since February 2020, Asian Hockey Federation virtual engagement with National Associations has remained strong. Development activities which were deemed possible under the COVID-19 circumstances also took place during this period. Recently, the Asian Hockey Federation introduced the Development through Distance campaign, initially organizing FIH/AHF Level 2 Coaching Courses and are also looking to move ahead with more workshops and forums.

The planning review will seek for the best ways to move forward and address the Asian Hockey Federation events and other activities impacted.

This unique time in our lives calls for unique solutions to the problems being faced. It is hoped that as a result of this planning review we will come up with solutions that allow us to move forward while remaining under the umbrella of WHO and other safety guidelines.

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