Kuala Lumpur, 16 May 2019: The Asian Hockey Federation Chief Executive Dato Tayyab Ikram welcomed the newly elected Secretary General of Bangladesh Hockey Federation Mr. AKM Mominul Haque Sayed. A discussion for a very important 8 point agenda for the development of Hockey in the region was held during their meeting. The overview of the points discussed are below:

  1. Bangladesh Hockey Federation to participate in the bidding to host future AHF Events.
  2. Discussion regarding development and education projects to be held in Bangladesh and also Bangladesh to participate in FIH & AHF development and education programs.
  3. The future of Hockey to be a key point moving forward with Bangladesh to focus on a long term plan and long term youth development projects to take place on a regular occurrence.
  4. Bangladesh Hockey Federation to sign an MOU with the Asian Hockey Federation for the promotion of Indoor and Outdoor Hockey all over Bangladesh and special focus would go out to rural areas.
  5. A lot of effort and work is being done to support the Women’s hockey team in Bangladesh with the aim for them to participate in FIH and AHF events starting in the near future.
  6. High-Performance Training camps to be supported and organized by AHF for Bangladesh to participate.
  7. BHF is now working on Venue renovation of the Maulana Bhasani Hockey Stadium in Dhaka to host top events such as the Junior World Cup, World Cup Qualifiers or FIH Leagues.
  8. Mr. Mominul Haque extended an invitation to Dato Tayyab to visit Bangladesh to sign the MOU and further discuss the way forward.

The agenda items were discussed in extensive detail, both AHF and BHF understand what needs to be done in order to achieve the goals. AHF will completely support it’s member association and also wish them all the best.


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