AirAsia Review of Day 4 – The Tournament Raises The Stakes With Teams Already Qualified!

Juan Budes

In the fourth day of the Indoor Cup in Chonburi, Thailand seven matches have been played with a 44 goals for both, Men’s and Women’s categories.

Men’s Indoor Hockey Asia Cup 2019

In today’s matches, Iran showed a good performance against Malaysia and won by 5-0. The defending champion’s secured 1st place in Pool A, qualified for the semi-finals and are favorites in the Tournament. Thailand set out their stall early in the game with 2 quick goals against Bangladesh, ending the matched 3-2. The host nation must win tomorrow’s match versus Malaysia if they want to advance to the next stage.

In Pool B almost every team still has chances to advance to the semi-finals. Despite starting strong and opening the score, Uzbekistan suffered a defeat against Kazakhstan 1-4, who proved to be much stronger and still holds 1st place in the pool with nine points. The second match was between Nepal and Chinese Taipei, both teams played well and it was exciting to watch them, finally Chinese Taipei got the victory by 7-6.

Women’s Indoor Hockey Asia Cup 2019

In a highly anticipated match between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the defending champions won 7-2, qualifying for the semi-finals and finishing 1st place in Pool A. Meanwhile, Iran beat Nepal by 5-1, and still has chances to enter the semi-finals; tomorrow’s match against Uzbekistan will be decisive to see who advance to the next stage of the tournament.

In Pool B, Malaysia played if safe against Chinese Taipei, winning 2-0, securing 2nd place and qualifying for the semi-finals. Thailand, already qualified in 1st place, has one more match left tomorrow against Singapore.

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