AirAsia Review of Day 5 – Conclusions and Definitions as the Preliminary Rounds Finished!

Juan Budes

In the fifth day of the Indoor Cup in Chonburi, Thailand seven matches have been played with a

56 goals for both, Men’s and Women’s categories.

Men’s Indoor Hockey Asia Cup 2019

Iran, already qualified after yesterday’s match, finished on-top with a comfortable 18-2 victory against Philippines. An amazing series of goals lead them to be number one in Pool A. In a more challenging match, Malaysia defeated Thailand 2-1 and got their ticket for the semi-finals. Despite the host nation good performance, they couldn’t pass over the Malaysian men and ended third in the pool.

In Pool B, Kazakhstan struggled in the beginning against Singapore, who played their best game yet, but wasn’t enough. The defending champions won 5-2 and secured 1st place in the pool. Meanwhile, Uzbekistan goaled Chinese Taipei by 7-2, showing its superiority and earning a spot in the semi-finals.

Women’s Indoor Hockey Asia Cup 2019

Uzbekistan secured a place in the semi-finals after beating Iran 4-1, the Iranians weren’t strong enough against the powerful Uzbekistanis. Kazakhstan had it easy against the Philippines, wining over 10-1 and finishing 1st place in Pool A. The Philippines ended last place after a poor performance along the tournament losing every match.

In Pool B, both Thailand and Malaysia qualified for the semi-finals by yesterday’s results. The host nation finished 1st place after defeating Singapore 1-0 in a very quiet match. The Singaporeans women failed to make an impression during the tournament after losing every single match.

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