Al-Nasr and Sadab continue their winning spree


Al-Nasr and Al-Ahly Sadab continued their victories in the preliminary round matches of His Majesty the Sultan’s Cup for Hockey 2020, after the first achieved a big victory over Al-Ittihad with a clean six, and the second repeated its broad victory over Al-Bashaer with a score of 13 / zero.

On the hockey stadium in the Al-Saada Sports Complex, and in the presence of a chairman and a number of members of the Board of Directors of the Oman Hockey Federation, Al-Nassr defeated Al-Ittihad with a clean six, which were recorded by Bassem Khater, Fouad Ali, Anwar Saeed, Mahmoud Ashour, Huayed Jamal and Qassem Musa. The player Bassem Khater from Al-Nasr Club won the best player award in the match, and Dr. Khamis Al-Rahbi, Secretary of the Federation, delivered the award.

In the second match, Ahly Sadab repeated their victory over Al-Bashaer and with the same score 13 / zero in a match in which international Rushd Al-Fazari scored 4 goals, and two goals for each of the Indian professional Mohan, Aseel Al-Maeeni and Ammar Al-Shuaibi, and one goal for Sanad Al-Fazari, Fahim Al-Balushi and Khaled Al-Shuaibi, and the award was withheld.

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