All new hockey Podcast series by the FIH introduced!


The International Hockey Federation (FIH) is releasing a series of monthly podcasts called “Hockey Pods” featuring news and exclusive interviews from the world of hockey.

In the first installment, hosts and seasoned hockey correspondents Sarah Juggins and Richard Stainthorpe are joined as guest-host by former Dutch superstar and current FIH Athletes’ Committee co-Chair Rogier Hofman. 2018 and 2019 FIH Player of the Year Eva de Goede, from the Netherlands, as well as FIH Umpire Ayanna McClean, from Trinidad and Tobago. Having umpired 94 international matches on the field, Ayanna McClean is rapidly closing in on the coveted golden whistle, which is awarded to umpires in recognition of 100 international matches.

You can enjoy it here.


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