Asia Hockey Raises #WhiteCard


The Asian Hockey Federation whole heartedly supports the #WhiteCard Campaign – an initiative by Peace and Sport.  Responding to the call of the Asian Hockey Federation, the Asian Hockey Family joins ranks to disseminate the message for global peace and solidarity. Several member National Associations of the Asian Hockey Federation enthusiastically contributed to the Raise the white card campaign celebrating the International Day of Sport for Development & Peace. The junior and senior hockey athletes across Asia excitedly rose the White Cards.

National Hockey Associations of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, and Pakistan, passionately organized events to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. The young athletes were very keen to raise their white cards.

The Asian Hockey Federation ran a campaign “Give Peace a Chance” to promote and encourage peace efforts by worldwide sporting communities especially field hockey. Indonesia Hockey Federation joined this peace-campaign of the AHF to send world a message of peace and harmony.

Afghanistan Hockey resumed field hockey activities; they organized an indoor hockey tournament which was taken part by the five major cities. The resumption of sport of hockey was specially intended to be a major initiative to promote regional peace and development in the country. The resumption of hockey activities in a war torn country like Afghanistan has become the most precise example of the role of sport for peace and development. The Asian Hockey Federation has highly admired this effort of Afghanistan Hockey and promoted their sport-for-peace plan on international stage.

The initiatives taken by the Asian Hockey Federation were greatly commended by the International Hockey Federation FIH as well –

Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal and Pakistan have put up massive shows, organized events and competitions to celebrate International day of sport for peace and development. Many Asian National Hockey Association from Central Asia, Middle East, South East and Far East are in line to perform similar #WhiteCard demonstrations in the current week.


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