Asian Hockey Federation Boosts Sri Lanka’s Hockey Development with Equipment Support Initiative


In a significant move to bolster the growth of hockey in Sri Lanka, the Asian Hockey Federation recently implemented its equipment support initiative. As part of this endeavor, the Asian Hockey Federation sent a generous supply of hockey equipment to the Sri Lanka Hockey Federation (SLHF), with the ultimate goal of fostering the sport at the grassroots level.

The Sri Lanka Hockey Federation took a commendable step by ensuring the equitable distribution of the received equipment to various districts and schools. The distribution ceremony, held at the Astro Turf Complex in Colombo, saw the participation of key figures in the Sri Lanka Hockey Federation, including the President, Mr. P Vishvanathan, members of the Executive Committee, and affiliated representatives.

The equipment distributed by the Sri Lanka Hockey Federation included a range of essentials crucial for the development of hockey skills. Hockey sticks, goalkeeping kits, and balls were among the items provided, all of which were part of an equipment grant received from the Asian Hockey Federation. This initiative reflects a collaborative effort between the two federations to enhance the infrastructure and resources available for the sport in Sri Lanka.

The significance of this initiative goes beyond the mere distribution of equipment. It symbolizes a commitment to nurturing talent and providing a platform for aspiring hockey enthusiasts, particularly in districts where access to such resources may be limited. The impact of this endeavor is expected to resonate not only within the districts but also at the national level, contributing to the overall elevation of hockey in Sri Lanka.

The ceremony was a momentous occasion, with the President of the Sri Lanka Hockey Federation, Mr. P Vishvanathan, expressing gratitude to the Asian Hockey Federation for their generous support. The presence of Executive Committee members and affiliates added to the solemnity of the event, signifying a collective effort to propel Sri Lanka’s hockey landscape to new heights.

The selected District Associations that received the hockey equipment are as follows:

  1. Matale Hockey Association
  2. Uva Hockey Association
  3. Jaffna Hockey Association
  4. Matara Hockey Association
  5. Galle Hockey Association
  6. Kandy Hockey Association
  7. Kalutara Hockey Association
  8. Wennappuwa Hockey Association
  9. Gampaha Hockey Association
  10. Sri Lanka Schools Hockey Association

These associations, spread across various regions of Sri Lanka, are now better equipped to promote and facilitate hockey at the grassroots level. The inclusivity of the distribution strategy ensures that both district associations and schools have access to the necessary tools for the development of hockey skills among the youth.

In conclusion, the collaboration between the Asian Hockey Federation and the Sri Lanka Hockey Federation marks a pivotal moment in the journey of hockey development in Sri Lanka. By providing essential equipment to districts and schools, this initiative sets the stage for a brighter future for the sport, fostering a new generation of skilled and passionate hockey players across the nation.

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