Asian Hockey Federation forms a COVID-19 Task Force

Danish Yazdani

The Asian Hockey Federation has formed a COVID-19 Task Force with the purpose of facing and overcoming the impact of COVID-19 virus on Hockey activities, National Associations in the most affected countries and most importantly on our athletes.

Dato Tayyab Ikram, Chief Executive Asian Hockey Federation, explains the purpose of the Task Force: “The task force will work closely with the most affected National Associations and also the National Associations that are preparing their athletes for the Olympic Games. It will also study the events that were planned for the first half of 2020 by performing a feasibility analysis and will work together with future hosts of the events. Data collection regarding the impact of the virus is highly necessary for our National Associations in order to understand better how to provide support and relief to the affected nations, regions and athletes.” he said, and added, “A group of three persons was already engaged since the 1st of February, but now it is necessary to have a formal task force.”

“We are committed to fighting the COVID-19 virus on all fronts. The Task Force will keep a close check on the status of our Member National Associations and will do our level best in protecting our athletes, National Associations and events against this ever-increasing global threat. We believe every organization and National Association should play their role to safeguard and take the appropriate measures to protect everyone.” said Fumio Ogura, President Asian Hockey Federation.

The Task Force is led by the President of Asian Hockey Federation, Dato Fumio Ogura and consists of members Dato Tayyab Ikram, Chief Executive Asian Hockey Federation, Dato Seri Chaiypak Siriwat (Thailand), Mr. Liu Yuxiang (China), Mr. Park Shin Heum (Korea), Mr. Satoshi Kondo (Japan), Legal Advisor, Mr. Majid Bashir (Pakistan) and a member from Iran to be appointed.

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