Asian Hockey Federation
Honors Mr. Yoshida Motohito

FIH-AHF Leadership admires the services of Yoshida-San

20 Jan

The award is presented to coveted members of the Asian hockey family by the Asian Hockey Federation. The AHF is proud to honor Mr. Yoshida Motohito with the Medal of Merit for his valued contribution and commitment to the sport of hockey for many decades.

Yoshida-San is the former Chairman of the Japan Hockey Association. He is also the Founder and head of Hyojito Co.,Ltd, which was founded in 1967. The company’s line of business primarily includes communications and preparing advertising and placing such advertising in periodicals, newspapers and, other media outlets. With his enthusiasm and love for hockey and the initiatives taken to contribute to the welfare of the sport, he has provided many job opportunities to active and former hockey player.

FIH President Narindra Batra added: “Mr. Yoshida is a living example of how an athlete creates a successful career pathway”

More recently, he has dedicated the complete ground floor of his main office in Nagoya for a field hockey museum. Nagoya is the biggest commercial hub in Japan and entails within the head offices of leading commercial and auto companies.

Asian Hockey Federation is pleased to award such an honor to Mr. Yoshida.


HRH Prince Abdullah Ahmad Shah said:

“We are pleased for Yoshida Motohito for this award. He absolutely deserves it in recognition of the successes he has had with Japan’s hockey institutions. At the same time, this honor is also a recognition for the good work with members of the larger Asian community which AHF has emphasized over the past few years”

FIH President Narindra Batra said:

“On behalf of the global hockey family it is a  great pleasure to present Mr. Yoshida Motohito with this honor. His career path towards success is a shining example for all hockey officials around the globe. We commend the achievements of Mr. Yoshida for many decades of contribution the sport not only as a leader but also as a role model to the hockey players and officials”

AHF Chief Executive Tayyab Ikram said:

“We present Mr. Yoshida the Medal of Merit for his contribution to the development of sport, as well as his efforts in technically improving and developing field hockey in Japan. The initiatives taken by him towards the growth of jobs and opportunities for former hockey players and officials is highly commendable  ”

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