Meeting between the Chief Executive of Asian Hockey Federation Dato Tayyab Ikram and President of Afghanistan Hockey Federation Mr. Mustafa Sadat at the Executive office of Asian Hockey Federation was recently held. The meeting covered important action items for the development and growth of hockey in Afghanistan.

During the meeting, the main agenda was to discuss the way forward regarding the Pitch Project for Hockey 5s that Asian Hockey Federation in collaboration with Polytan will provide to Afghanistan Hockey Federation. In this project, the Afghanistan Hockey Federation will provide full support for this project to ensure the quickest delivery.

More educational activities in Afghanistan for the development of Hockey need to be carried out and a complete pathway will be developed until 2022 that would suggest the number of educational activities, including coaching and umpiring courses that will take place every year.  For further development of hockey, school sports teachers will be contacted by the Afghanistan Hockey Federation for participation in educational activities so in future, they can become level 1 coaches.

Furthermore; development of the National team, as well as the Youth, was discussed. For the development of youth, equipment support will also be provided to Afghanistan in order to provide support to young boys and girls and help in development in new schools, cities, and provinces. For the National team training camps in neighboring countries will be set up and the Asian Hockey Federation will provide them with access and help them with their stay. Equipment support will also be provided to the national team as well. It was encouraged by the Chief Executive Asian Hockey Federation that it is important for the Afghanistan team to participate in more and more competitions in order for them to pave a road for the Asian Games 2022.


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