Ayanna McClean Earns the FIH Golden Whistle



We congratulate and acknowledge the work of Ayanna McClean, a veteran Umpire from Trinidad and Tobago who umpired her 100th International match today. Ayanna McClean earned the FIH Golden Whistle on completion of this remarkable milestone, which is an incredible achievement in the sport of Hockey.

Ayanna McClean started playing hockey early at the age of 11. She captained both her school team as well as under-21 ventures club. She received a hockey scholarship to attend Hofstra University in Long Island, New York in 2004.

While still playing at Hofstra, McClean became an FIH certified umpire. Her first international appointment was at the 2005 Junior Pan American Games in Puerto Rico. She went on to Umpire many significant international hockey events.

Today, umpiring a match at the Donghae Women’s Asian Champions Trophy 2021, marked the completion of her 100th International Games as an umpire, earning her the FIH Golden Whistle.

A big congratulations to Ayanna McClean for this remarkable and incredible achievement in the sport of Hockey.

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