Bahrain Hockey Association (BHA) Celebrates Bahrain Sports Day!

The Bahrain Hockey Association (BHA) orchestrated a spectacular celebration of sportsmanship and came together to commemorate Bahrain Sports Day with great enthusiasm and solidarity. This annual event, approved as a national celebration, unites all segments of Bahraini society in the spirit of health, fitness, and collective well-being.
Key Organizers of the Sports Day
• Sami Mohamed Ali, President of BHA
• Abdullah Sheikh Al Qasimi (voice President)
• Malik Abid Awan (General Secretary of BHA)
• Dr. Muhammad Samir Muhammad
• Muhammad Jamil
Hussain Muslim & Asad Jamil Fairly officiated the matches, maintaining the spirit of the game.
• Three passionate teams participated in the event
Seniors and Boys from schools participated in the event. This gesture aims to encourage young hearts toward sports and a healthy lifestyle.
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