Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Oman Clinch Victories on Day 2



Match 1 – Bangladesh 3 vs Indonesia 1

Bangladesh’s national hockey team made a good start to the nine-nation Men’s Asian Games Qualifiers, defeating Indonesia 3-1 in Saturday`s match in Thai capital Bangkok.

In March last too, Bangladesh outplayed hosts Indonesia 7-2 in the AHF Cup Hoceky Tournament.

Bangladesh, which was placed in four-team Pool B of the Men’s Asian Games Qualifiers with Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Singapore, will face Sri Lanka on May 10 and Singapore on May 12 in the remaining group matches.

In the day’s first match in Bangkok, Sarwar Hossain put Bangladesh ahead by a field goal in the 10th minute of the match (1-0).

Forward Pushkar Khisha Mimo doubled the Bangladesh margin in the eighth minute of the 2nd quarter also by a field goal (2-0).

Indonesia reduced the margin in the ninth minute of the 3rd quarter (2-1).

Finally, midfielder Fazle Hoassain Rabbi sealed the fate of the match scoring one more field goal in the 10th minute of the quarter (3-1).

Bangladesh captain Rezaul Karim Babu displayed his brilliance in the field and was adjudged man of the match.

The Men’s Asian Games Hockey Qualifier began in Bangkok on Friday (May 6), despite the Asian Games Authority on the same day deferring the Hangzhou Asian Games indefinitely amid a recent surge in Covid-19 cases in China, the host country.

On completion of the Asian Games Hockey Qualifiers, the Bangladesh team, led by new captain Khorshedur Rahman, will travel to Indonesia to compete in the Men’s Asia Cup in Jakarta from May 23 to June 1.


Match 2 – Sri Lanka 5 vs Singapore 2

The second match of the day was between Sri Lanka and Singapore. Both with a long history in this type of qualifiers, it looked like a promising match.

Before the end of the first quarter Mohammed Sabri Yuhari scored the first goal from a penalty corner to give his team the lead.

Already in the second quarter, more precisely in the 18th minute, Wee Lee Yap grabbed a ball next to the goal that after a Faris Johari cross into the box, he managed to boot it into the Sri Lankan goal.

Until that moment everything looked happy for the team in red, but in the 24th minute Chandrasena Chathuranga scored the first goal of the match for Sri Lanka. 3 minutes later a penalty stroke was awarded to Sri Lanka which was executed and converted by Bodhika Dias to equalize the score and make the match more intense.

From then on, Singapore’s level started to drop and Sri Lanka’s level started to rise. The great figure of the match and best player of the match was the man who would later convert the next 3 goals to give the victory to his team in this first Men’s Asian Games Qualifiers match, this man was Vipul Warnakula who gave the victory to his team in this first Pool B match.

The match ended 5-2 giving the winner to the team in blue.

Sri Lanka will play their next match against Bangladesh on Tuesday, May 10.

Singapore on the other hand will try to improve their position in this pool B by playing against Indonesia on Monday, May 9.

Match 3 – Oman 3 vs Kazakhstan 0

Oman would face Kazakhstan in the third match of the day. Kazakhstan had just lost on the first day to the Thai team so it was their chance to take advantage, but unintentionally in the second minute of play Rashad Al Fazari converted the first goal of the match from a penalty corner with a drag flick that went straight into the net.

Lim Chiow’s team looked more confident and had more attacking opportunities than Olga Urmanova’s side.

There was a lot of back and forth, the yellows trying to stop the reds, and both trying to move forward to get into the box. But in the 26th minute, Fahad Al Lawati found himself inches from the edge of the box after a Rashad Al Fazari breakaway and was able to convert to make it 2-0 to Oman.

Although Oman was in control of the match, you could see the yellow team trying to find the discount and catch up with their rival, but in the 37th minute of the third quarter Oman got a penalty corner that was executed by Shamaiaa Akram Bait and almost asking permission to enter the goal before the frustrating attempt of an opposing player to remove it from the goal line.

The match ended 3-0, giving the victory to Sami Al Laun’s team, who was also voted the best player of the match.

Oman will play against Hong Kong China on Monday, May 9 in Pool B.

Kazakhstan will play Uzbekistan in Pool B also on Monday, May 9, looking for a win to fight for a place in the Asian Games.

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