Bangladesh move from 38th to 31st in the rankings of FIH.


In the Men’s World Rankings, there is little change at the top. Australia remains in pole position on 2742.258 points, with Belgium a few points behind on 2663. 486.The Netherlands is in third place (2365.707), with India in fourth (2316.012). Germany has cemented its spot in fifth (2235.357), Argentina (2112.052) remains in sixth place, England (1979.512) are in seventh with New Zealand (1698.247), Spain (1620.526) and France (1571.678) making up the top10.

Despite the challenges Bangladesh move from 38th to 31st in the rankings of FIH.

The recent Asia Hockey Federation Cup in Jakarta also provoked some change, with Bangladesh’s first-ever victory in the competition leading to the team making big strides up the rankings

The last day of Men’s AHF Jakarta 2022 was the 20th March 2022. The day saw sensational competitions. Bangladesh defeated Oman to win Gold in the competition. The thrilling finale between Oman and Bangladesh was a 1-1 draw. Bangladesh won the shootouts round from Oman by 5-3.

Further down the rankings, Bangladesh men have had a good few week: their victory in the Asia Hockey Federation (AHF) Cup has seen the team move from 38th to 31st in the rankings. As a result of the same event, Iran men have also joined the World Ranking system in 92nd position.
The rankings calculations model that FIH introduced on 1st January 2020 moved away from the previous tournament-based rankings system to a dynamic, match-based method where opposing teams exchange points in official, FIH sanctioned games. The number of points exchanged depends on the result of the match, the relative ranking of the teams and the importance of the match.

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