China v Belgium Match 1 Review – Olympic Qualifiers 2019

Juan Budes

The match began with Belgium scoring in the minute 2 in a very well played move by Jill Boon. The drawback gave strength to China, who penetrated the Belgium circle, but failed due to Belgians defending on point. The European’s counter-attacked and got their first penalty-corner chance, but missed the goal post. A second penalty corner opportunity for them was avoided and saved by the Chinese defense.

A new goal opportunity for the Chinese girls appeared in the minute 16th when the team entered into the opponent’s circle but the shot flew high over the Belgium goal. Once again, the Asians made their way into the circle, but the Belgians protected their defending circle. China kept control of the ball and Belgium struggled to recover it during the rest of the 1st half. A new penalty-corner attempt for the Europeans was saved by Li Dongxiao.

The second-half began with a clear opportunity of goal for the Chinese thanks to a penalty-corner but was missed. Another chance for China was once again perfectly saved by the Belgians. The match continued with Belgium in possession of the ball, and a new penalty-corner for the Europeans in the minute 56th was scored by Stephanie Vanden Borre, putting them 2-0 against the Asian team. This victory gave Belgium a clear advantage and tomorrow’s match will be definite to know who goes to Tokyo 2020.

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