Chinese Women’s Hockey Team Triumphs Over Indonesia at 2022 Asian Games


In an electrifying match held during the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, the Chinese Women’s Hockey team demonstrated a powerful performance, defeating the Indonesian team with a remarkable score of 20-0. The match was a part of the Pool B competition and the triumph effortlessly showcased China’s dominant stance in the game.

Right from the first whistle, the Chinese team was in full throttle, showing no signs of holding back. The play by the Chinese women was nothing short of breathtaking, ensuring a stellar lead by the end of the first quarter.

At the 4-minute mark, LI Hong (Shirt #13) struck a clean field goal, marking the first goal for China. This was quickly followed by a second goal by DAN Wen (Shirt #17) in the same minute, setting a very early lead. The goals continued to pile up for China with CHEN Yang (Shirt #26) scoring at the 6-minute mark, followed by GU Bingfeng’s (Shirt #2) penalty stroke goal at the 9-minute mark.

ZHANG Xiaoxue (Shirt #19) and HUANG Haiyan (Shirt #12) converted penalty corners into goals at the 10 and 11-minute mark respectively, taking the lead to 6-0. The remainder of the first half saw a slew of goals from the Chinese team, including two field goals by ZHONG Jiaqi (Shirt #31) at the 17 and 18-minute mark, establishing a formidable score of 10-0 by halftime.

The second half of the match resumed with the same intensity from China, as they continued to bulldoze through the Indonesian defense. By the end of the third quarter, the score stood at 15-0 with five more goals added to the tally by CHEN Yi (Shirt #7), GU Bingfeng, ZHANG Ying (Shirt #6), MA Ning (Shirt #9), and CHEN Yang.

The fourth quarter was no different as China continued their relentless assault, adding five more goals to the score sheet. GU Bingfeng and ZHANG Ying showcased their exceptional skill once again, scoring in the 44, 56, and 58-minute marks. The final goals came from LIANG Meiyu (Shirt #11) and ZHONG Jiaqi, in the last minute, taking the final score to an astonishing 20-0.

The statistics of the match showed a clear domination by the Chinese team, with 17 penalty corners compared to none from Indonesia. The lone penalty stroke of the game was successfully converted by GU Bingfeng.

Coach ANNAN Alyson was undoubtedly proud of her team’s execution on the field, a sentiment likely shared by the manager HUANG Yongsheng. On the other hand, Indonesian coach RAJ Dhaarma and manager MAPPAJALLING had to head back to the drawing board, seeking to rebuild and come back stronger in future competitions.

This match will be recorded as one of the most one-sided encounters in the history of the Asian Games, with the Chinese women’s hockey team showcasing a blend of skill, teamwork, and precision. As the games continue, the Chinese team’s performance will be closely watched by competitors and supporters alike, setting a high benchmark for the level of competition in the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Tournament.

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