Coaching courses for Male and Female coaches take place in Iran


Iran Hockey Federation (IHF) under the new leadership of Dr. Bahram Ghadimi has taken a great initiative to organize these coaching courses for the benefit of aspiring local coaches who will develop field hockey in Iran in years to come.

This National Level 1 coaching course was primarily focused on coaching of technical skills and game related training exercises. For this course, the IHF has made all effort to ensure adequate facilities were available in terms of accommodation, transportation, visuals for classroom sessions and equipment for the practical training.

The course was attended by 62 coaches consisting of 35 men and 27 women representing all the provinces in Iran. There were several current players in the indoor national team and have shown keen interest to learn the technical & tactical aspects of field hockey. Due to regulation, the course is conducted separately for men and women. All the participants showed plenty of enthusiasm and participated actively in the sessions and were desirous to improve their knowledge of the game.

The course program consists of theory sessions and practical training. The theory sessions were conducted at the Pour Shariff Sportshall. The practical sessions were held at the multi-purpose artificial pitch located within a sports complex in Parvaz area. These practical sessions were useful to put into practice the mechanics on the execution of the basic skills learned in the classroom. The coaches also participated in game related exercise for them to have an idea of designing training drills. The session gave the coaches the opportunity to train in game simulated situations to develop decision-making ability and quick reaction at a higher intensity.


The following were covered for the duration of the course:

  • Highlights from FIH World Cup – technical components
  • Planning and conducting a training session
  • Rules changes and impact on the game
  • Teaching points and training drills for technical skills:
  • passing and receiving
  • elimination skills
  • moving with the ball
  • dispossession skills
  • Basic playing position and structure
  • Basic goalkeeping
  • Penalty corner structure
  • Rules and regulations of Hockey 5
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