Dato Fumio Ogura pays tribute to Asad Malik


Dato Fumio Ogura, Asian Hockey Federation President, recently shared his memories of the Pakistani Olympian, Asad Malik, who passed away in a road accident a few days ago.

Fumio Ogura shares these memories in his capacity as a fan of Pakistani hockey.

Mr. Fumio recalls fondly, how the coach of Japan hockey team and International Umpire in 1964, Mr. Hideo Ichikawa first told Mr. Fumio about the talented Asad Malik. Mr. Hideo described to Mr. Fumio the winning goal scored by the skillful Asad Malik at the 1968 Mexico Olympics against Australia. He described it as a beautiful reverse flick which led the Pakistani team to victory. Mr. Fumio informs us that the goal was later immortalized by the Pakistani government in the form of a postal stamp, which depicted Asad Malik taking the winning shot.

Mr. Fumio, after learning of Asad Malik, would later in life meet him in Pakistan. Mr. Fumio recalls that Asad Malik belonged to a famous hockey Olympian family of Sheikhupura and that he was deeply impressed by Asad Malik’s personality and character.

The AHF is deeply aggrieved at the loss of such a star of the hockey world, and along with Mr. Fumio wishes the family and friends of Asad Malik be bestowed with patience and strength to get through this troubling time.


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