Day 1 Results: Final Round of Men & Women National Championship Kazakhstan 2020

Day 1 of the Men's National Championship at the Taldykorgan Hockey Stadium has successfully been concluded


The Final Round of the Men & Women National Championship is underway and Day 1 of the Men’s National Championship at the Taldykorgan Hockey Stadium in Kazakhstan has successfully been concluded.

The Day 1 Results for the Final Round of Men’s National Championship were as follow:

26 October 2020 – National Men’s Championship Match Results.

  1. 1st Match – ALMATY Region One- v/s- KAZRATAU 4-0
  2. 2nd Match- Almaty Region Two – v/s Kyzylorda 1-4

The Almaty Region in the first match of the National Men’s Championship took a  four goals lead past Kazratau. A dominating performance meant that the Almaty Region One Secured their first win of the championship again Kazratau.

While the Almaty Region Two v/s Kyzylorda saw Kyzylorda win the match by four goals to one with an emphatic performance again the Almaty Region Two Team.

The Women’s Nationa Championship is also under way and the Asian Hockey Federation will keep the hockey family updated with results.

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