“Dominant Korea Overwhelms Hong Kong in a Thrilling Encounter at Hangzhou 2022 Women’s Hockey Competition”


The Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 witnessed an enthralling clash between Korea and Hong Kong China at the Women’s Hockey competition, Pool A, where Korea stormed through with a 7-0 victory. The electrifying performance by Korea showcased their undeniable prowess and determination on the field.

Right from the onset, Korea established its dominance. The 1st quarter saw vigorous attempts from both sides to gain an upper hand. Korea’s ambitious gameplay started bearing fruits towards the end of the quarter when BAEK Eeseul broke the deadlock by netting a penalty corner in the 14th minute. This was followed by another stunner by CHO Eunji in the 15th minute, doubling the lead for Korea going into the 2nd quarter.

The match action amplified in the 2nd quarter, where Korea’s KIM Jeongihn displayed sheer brilliance by scoring a field goal in the 23rd minute. The relentless Korean side further extended their lead to 4-0 with a superb field goal by CHOI Su Ji in the 33rd minute.

With a comfortable lead, Korea didn’t hold back. The 3rd quarter witnessed the Hockey maestro CHEON Eunbi, making her mark with a phenomenal field goal in the 47th minute. The Korean juggernaut continued to plow through as KIM Jeongihn returned to score off a penalty corner in the 53rd minute.

Entering the final quarter, with a formidable score of 6-0, Korea’s hunger for goals didn’t seem to diminish. CHEON Eunbi exhibited an exquisite skill, netting another field goal in the 59th minute, bringing the score to a dominating 7-0.

The match statistics reflect Korea’s superior ball control and clinical finishes, especially noticeable in their utilization of penalty corners, converting three out of fourteen. On the flip side, Hong Kong China found it challenging to break through Korea’s solid defense and failed to materialize any scoring opportunity.

Korea’s commanding performance from start to finish highlights their strong candidacy for the top spot in the forthcoming matches of the tournament. The Korean players, with their impeccable coordination and relentless attacks, proved to be an insurmountable force for Hong Kong China.

The morale-boosting victory will undoubtedly serve as a catalyst for Korea as they advance further into the competition with eyes set on the coveted gold.

On the other hand, Hong Kong China would look to introspect and come back stronger in their upcoming fixtures, learning from the stern test posed by the formidable Korean side.

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