FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup 2022

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The efforts shown by the National Junior Women’s World Cup Squad of Malaysia to find a second victory in the FIH Women’s World Cup campaign, Potchefstroom, South Africa were unsuccessful when they had to concede 1-2 loss to Ireland in the 9th to 12th place classification match. Here are some of the best moments from the match between Ireland and Malaysia at the FIH Hockey Women’s Junior World Cup 20212;

A penalty corner shot completed by Caoimhe Perdue seconds before the actual action of the match ended snatched the dream of the National Women’s Junior World Cup Squad to at least drag the match to the shoot-outs.

The result also saw Malaysia go to the 11th and 12th place play-offs against Zimbabwe who previously lost 0-1 to Austria in another 9th to 12th position classification match.

Ireland had earlier managed to open the scoring in the 14th minute thanks to a goal from Rachel Kelly and the 1-0 lead remained close to the first half.

Continuing the second half, the tie came when the national striker, Nuramirah Shakirah Zulkifli managed to score a goal in the 47th minute also as a result of the field movement which gave hope for the match to be dragged to the shoot-out.

However, the advantage of Ireland’s 5th penalty corner in the 60th minute and completed by Caoimhe Perdue took Ireland to the 9th and 10th place play-offs against Austria.

The operator of the National Youth Women’s World Cup Squad, Nasihin Nubli Ibrahim explained that his players had given their best in today’s match, including not giving an easy path for Ireland to win the match.

“The players have given their best resistance to the Irish team until the final whistle and I am proud of what my players have shown.They played well and with a short preparation to meet Ireland they were able to give the best resistance to the Irish team.Some of our players suffered injuries during the game and it made it a bit difficult for us to change players.Now we shift our focus and preparation to the next match. The players need to get up as best they can to meet Zimbabwe for the 11th and 12th place matches,” he explained, who will seek views from the National Sports Institute (ISN) Support Officer on the level of players’ injuries ahead of the final match.

The meeting with Zimbabwe will take place on Monday (April 11) at 7.30 pm Malaysian time.

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