FIH launches first-of-a-kind Empowerment and Engagement strategy

On the occasion of its second meeting of the year – held at the Olympic House in Lausanne – FIH and its President, Tayyab Ikram, launched a new strategy for the global development of hockey – called “Empowerment and Engagement” strategy – in attendance of IOC President Thomas Bach.

The comprehensive plan follows the programme that Tayyab Ikram announced at the start of his mandate in November last year and confirmed at the FIH Executive Board meeting in January.

The strategy aims in the first place at empowering hockey stakeholders such as Continental Federations (CFs) and National Associations (NAs) for them to lead the development of hockey in their respective continents and countries, and engaging with all FIH members and hockey stakeholders.

The exhaustive and ambitious programme centers around four main pillars:

  • More places to play (for example: 10-15 new, free-of-cost Hockey5s pitches will be installed worldwide)
  • A boost to coaching (ex: 200 days of High Performance assistance)
  • More opportunities to compete (ex: potential new events or adjustment of existing events to increase team participation)
  • More tools to empower CFs and NAs (ex: 10’000 hockey sticks delivered per year)

Other key elements include:

  • Reaching out to youth
  • A new Development Bureau – which has already started operating – managing and overseeing execution
  • An enhanced communication, with an intensified digital engagement
  • A regular consultation with hockey stakeholders
  • A transparent process
  • A repurposed Hockey Foundation, driving social development, sustainability efforts and FIH contribution to the UN SDGs through hockey
  • Playing a positive role on society
  • A firm commitment for sustainability, strengthening hockey values such as gender equality, inclusion and diversity, into an enhanced FIH Sustainability Strategy

FIH President Tayyab Ikram said: “Developing hockey in all corners of the world is the number one mission of FIH. Whilst much progress has been done in this area over the years, it’s time to act to reach the next level! With a focus on empowering and engaging with all FIH members and hockey stakeholders, this new strategy aims at bringing hockey to everyone, everywhere, at any time! ‘Athletes first’ is our motto, with a specific focus on youth.”

“I would also like to express my sincerest gratitude to IOC President Thomas Bach for his support as well as his attendance at the official launch of the FIH Empowerment and Engagement strategy, and welcoming us at the Olympic House today”, he added.




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